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Property Valuation vs. Real Estate Appraisal

Property Valuation vs. Real Estate Appraisal

Valuations are sometimes disputed on the grounds that a real estate agent has provided an appraisal which is higher than the valuation figure.  Real estate agents are aiming to get the best price they can for their client (the seller).  This is their job.  Their appraisal often represents what they hope to achieve for the property if the right buyer comes along at the right time.

If the real estate agent is adamant that the property is worth more, ask them to provide comparable sales evidence to the valuer, with their explanation as to why those properties prove the higher value for your property.

Sales agents are seeing new contracts being drawn up every day and have their finger on the pulse of a changing market.  While ‘sales not yet settled’, cannot be utilised in the valuer’s report (due to industry requirements), they may provide information to assist the valuer in evaluating the relevant sales evidence.  Property valuation is based on comparative sales, often in a changing market.  At times there is room to move.

A property valuation should not be confused with an appraisal carried out by a real estate agent. A sworn valuation is required for calculating Stamp Duty for the Office of State Revenue or Capital Gains Tax for the ATO.

A valuation report, conducted by a registered valuer, is an official legal document.  Unlike a valuer, a real estate agent cannot be required to defend their appraisal of a property’s value in a court of law.