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‘Real Estate for Beginners – A Property Valuer’s inside tips for pricing, buying and adding
value for first home buyers’.

Real Estate For Beginners by Jonathan Millar and Sacha Millar

Real Estate For Beginners by Jonathan Millar and Sacha Millar

Real Estate for Beginners is a beginner’s guide for first home buyers who are purchasing their first property.  Launch your property portfolio with this informative property guide to buying and selling property, property valuations and lending for property. This book will show you:

  • checks you must do before you purchase a property
  • how to find and negotiate the right property
  • how to add value to a property
  • how to get every cent from a property (and the best valuation)
  • how to get the inside tips to the bank’s requirements so you can borrow more and maximise your property portfolio

Who is this book for?

This book has been written for those starting out in property, to provide a step by step guide to preparing for, purchasing and adding value to residential property.

In this book you’ll also discover:

  1. A comprehensive list of checks, searches and pitfalls to be aware of when buying and selling property
  2. How a property is valued and how you can start the process yourself
  3. Why you shouldn’t rely on the bank to do your property purchase due diligence (checks and research)
  4. A bonus chapter by property lawyer John Warlow: How to avoid costly traps when signing a contract of sale
  5. How to add value to your property and how to avoid overcapitalising for your suburb
  6. How to avoid the pitfalls of buying an apartment off the plan
  7. How to get the best valuation
  8. How to get the banks to lend you the most money

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