Case Studies

At WBP Property Group we get great satisfaction from seeing our clients conduct successful property transactions based on our advice.
We have dozens of stories…here are just a few:


Case Study 1
Mark, from Paddington, was about to sign a contract for an apartment in Casino Towers for $580,000. His girlfriend insisted he get a valuation before he signed on the dotted line. A disagreement ensued, she won, and we valued the property the next day. All of the sales in the development in the past six months comprehensively showed the property was worth $550,000. Armed with his valuation Mark was able to negotiate the price down from $580,000 to $555,000. Mark called Jonathan to tell him the good news. He said “You nearly saved me $25, 000”. Jonathan said “We did save you $25,000! ”. Needless to say everyone was happy with this result and Mark accepted that his girlfriend was right to win this argument.
Case Study 2
In 2011 Peter Nally was looking to buy a family home in Bunya, QLD. Before making an offer, Peter came to the team at WBP Property and we performed an independent valuation on the property. WBP valued the property at $950,000 and Peter made the offer. The vendors came back and asked for $985,000 which Peter promptly rejected, presenting the real estate agent with WBP’s valuation report showing the property’s value at $950,000. The sellers accepted the original offer of $950,000, saving Peter and his family $35,000 and ensuring peace of mind.
Case Study 3
Jeanne needed to reassess her financial position. She wanted to help out her children financially, but her money was tied up in an investment property. Her brother was prepared to buy into the property but neither of them had any idea of what the property was worth or a fair price to secure half of the property. They came to WBP Property Group asking for a valuation of the property’s value for family buy out purposes. Our valuation report indicated the property was worth a little less than Jeanne had hoped and a little more than her brother was expecting, but this gave them the independent information they required to negotiate the buyout price.
Case Study 4
In 2010 Duncan and his wife were looking for a home to fit their lifestyle and budget. They found a property, but the asking price was more than they had planned to pay. They came to WBP for a pre-purchase valuation of the property. Duncan and his wife purchased the home in Moorooka for $595,000 – the exact amount WBP Property Group had valued the property for, and somewhat less than the asking price. Duncan called to let us know that he’d been successful at purchasing the house for exactly what we’d valued it at. In Duncan’s words, “The valuation was money well spent”. An independent property valuation is always a great tool to take to the negotiating table.
Case Study 5
In 2011 Luisita was still looking for a property in Brisbane. We had helped with some property advice on a house for them, and conducted a valuation but the sale had not gone ahead. Then they found the home they wanted to live in, but the talks with the agents were not going well. Luisita didn’t agree that the properties the real estate agents were using as comparable sales to justify the asking price were comparable at all. She came to WBP Property Valuers again when she was becoming increasingly frustrated with the discussions. Our valuation placed the property $40,000 under the asking price. Without disclosing the valuation amount, Luisita was able to provide the real estate agents with the sales evidence from the valuation report that she thought was considerably more comparable. She thought that this evidence should be what she needed to have the asking price dropped. The final purchase price was negotiated down by $24,000. While this was not as much as they’d hoped, they secured the property with peace of mind they had not paid too much. Luisita was grateful for the property valuation report and the support from the WBP team during these “fairly stressful circumstances.”


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