Terms of Service

1. Written Instructions

Instructions are required in writing to proceed with a valuation. This can be provided by email, mail or by completing the Book a Valuation page on this website.

2. Required Information

Information required to proceed with the valuation:

  • Address of the property to be valued
  • Reason for the valuation e.g. family law, pre purchase, pre sale, CGT, stamp duty calculations
  • Name, postal address and phone contact details of the person requesting the valuation
  • Name of the person the report and invoice are to be addressed to
  • Name and contact details for the person who can provide access to the property
  • Estimate of value (to assist with providing a quote and with sales research before the valuer visits the property).
  • Preferred date of inspection
  • Date the report is required
  • A copy of floorplans (if available) – these can be returned if a copy is not available.
  • Please advise if the property is currently undergoing any renovations
3. Timeframe for Report

Standardly, the valuation report is forwarded via email three business days from the date of inspection.

Where conducting “On Completion” valuations on properties to be built or renovated, the report will be emailed three days from when all required documentation has been received.  This includes: building plans; building specifications; survey plans etc.

Please call the office for our 24 hour Express Service.  Additional fees are applicable.

4. Procedure for a Valuation
  • On receipt of written instructions to proceed, and full prepayment, the inspection time is booked with the relevant contact person.
  • A confirmation email outlining the date and time of the inspection and the proposed completion date is sent.
  • The valuer inspects the property (approx 10 – 20 minutes).
  • Prior to emailing the report, the valuer will call you to discuss his findings, answer any questions and address any concerns.
  • The report is forwarded on the due date via email.
  • If requested, a paper copy of the report can be forwarded by mail at an additional cost.
5. Payment policy

It is industry standard that payment is received at the time of booking. Valuation reports are not released without prior payment.

Payment may be made via internet transfer, cash, cheque, money order, Mastercard or Visa. Cheques should be made out to WBP Property Group (Qld) Pty Ltd. All payment options will be outlined on the invoice provided at the time of confirmation.

6. Cancellation policy

If the valuation is cancelled prior to the inspection a cancellation fee of 25% of the total fee is applicable. Should the valuation instruction be cancelled after the valuer has inspected the property then a cancellation fee of 75% of the fee will be imposed.

7. Limitations and Qualifications

Certain qualifications and disclaimers will be contained within the formal report, relating to areas not within our expertise.
The report will be prepared for the use of the instructing party and only for the purpose specified, and shall not be relied upon by any third party.


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