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Buying a house and not sure what to offer?


It’s hard not to get emotionally involved, but “buying well” in property is a business decision and it’s important to stay detached. This is where an independent property valuer can help.

In today’s challenging economic climate, an independent property valuation is a valuable tool to minimise your risk and maximise your profit when buying property.

At WBP Property Group we specialise in valuing residential property . Each valuer has a geographical area of expertise in Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast . We can help you remove the emotion and games involved in buying a property by providing accurate, unbiased advice. We have no self interest in determining the value of the property other than providing you with the most up to date analysis of the property’s value.

When buying a house ordering a valuation can save you thousands of dollars.

We put an offer of $950k and the vendor came back at $985k which we rejected. Just heard this morning that the $950k has been accepted and we signed up this afternoon. Doubt it would have happened without an independent valuation.–Peter Nally, Bunya

Let our team of experts do the hard work for you when buying a house.

Before you buy, it is essential to obtain advice from an independent source with expert local knowledge. Unlike real estate agents, brokers, marketers and developers, we have no vested interest in the outcome of the property valuation. WBP Property provides our clients with up to date expert advice regarding the worth of the subject property in today’s market. We are specialist real estate valuers with 25 years experience in south-east Queensland property valuations.

Limit your risk and obtain an independent property valuation. Have confidence you are making the right decision.

See our Case Studies page for actual examples of how we have helped our clients to save money when purchasing property.

More and more, financial experts are recommending an independent valuation as an essential part of the due diligence process for buying a property. Don’t gamble with your biggest asset.


It may be of interest to you that my wife and I bought our home for $595, 000 which was the amount at which you valued the property.  The valuation was money well spent.  I will recommend WBP to others.–Duncan, Moorooka

Need more information about buying a house?  At WBP Property Group we have just released our new book – Real Estate for Beginners
Real Estate for Beginners

Real Estate for Beginners

If you are looking to buy or sell a property or need a bank loan to purchase a property our book ‘Real Estate for Beginners – A property valuer’s inside tips for pricing, buying and adding value to property for first home buyers’ is a valuable resource.  Click the link for more information on how this beginner’s guide to property can give you the inside information you need to start a profitable property portfolio.

Ordering a valuation is the quickest and easiest way to know the property’s value before you buy or sell, but if you have the time, this book will give you the resources to start the  process yourself.

This book will show you:

  • how to find and negotiate the right property
  • how to add value to a property for sale or valuation
  • how to get every cent from a property (and the best valuation)
  • how to get the inside tips to the bank’s requirements so you can borrow more and maximise your property portfolio

Click here for more about what inside tips you’ll learn from ‘Real Estate for Beginners’.


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