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Renovating a house or doing home extensions but don’t want to overcapitalise?Before-you-renovate-404x256

When renovating a house (or unit) or doing home extensions, it’s important to know there’s a ceiling price in every geographical area.   While renovating a house can be profitable, it’s not without risks. This is where a valuer with expert local knowledge can help you minimise your risk and maximise your profit.

Remove the guesswork with an independent property valuation before you renovate.

When renovating an house, unit or townhouse an independent property valuation is a valuable tool. By engaging a Certified Practising Valuer to complete an ‘on completion’ valuation, our clients know how much the property will be worth once renovations are completed. This is an essential part of the due diligence process before undertaking a renovation.  Just because you are spending $300,000 to renovate, doesn’t mean the property will increase in value by $300,000.  It depends on the suburb and the prices being reached in that suburb.  If the top price is $450,000 the ‘on completion’ value may not be much more than this, regardless of how much you spend.

What does the valuer need to complete an ‘on completion’ valuation?

In order to conduct an ‘on completion’ valuation, the valuer will require a copy of the new building plans for the finished product as well as a list of the specifications (e.g. fixtures and fittings i.e. taps, sink, appliances etc.) and costings to complete.

Many clients request a current valuation (what the property is worth before the renovations) and an ‘on completion’ valuation prior to starting their renovations.  By doing both at the same time we can complete both valuations in one report at a discounted fee.  It’s important to note that the ‘on completion’ valuation will advise what the property is worth now, in today’s market and not the value at the time of completion (in six or 12 months time).  Valuers are not permitted to forecast the movement in the property market nor estimate the value at the time of completion.


Best money I have spent all year.  Look forward to our next and will recommend you to all my friends and neighbours.  Thank you again for your professionalism and fantastic customer service skills.–Sara Clarke, Everton Hills



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