Before you Sell

Don’t Sell Your House for Less than it’s Worth

Need help setting a sale price?  Getting mixed messages about the price
of your property?
Before-you-sell-404x256  Selling your property is a stressful time. Don’t gamble with your largest asset – engage a valuer with local, expert knowledge.

Selling a house is a stressful time.

Ordering a valuation means you know what your property is worth before entering into negotiations with agents and buyers.  You have peace of mind you are not selling a house for less than it’s worth.  Setting a realistic selling price will increase the chance of getting your asking price and settling the sale promptly; setting the price too high will only discourage serious buyers. A property left languishing on the market only becomes harder to sell. Increasingly, vendors are engaging an independent valuer to assist in setting the “reserve price” before selling a house.

Don’t sell your house for less than it’s worth.

At WBP Property Group, we do not sell property. We provide independent property valuations and advice for an agreed fee. Our advice is impartial and unbiased. We ensure total confidentiality. All valuers at WBP Property are Registered Valuers and Members of the Australian Property Institute. Order a valuation and have confidence you are not selling your property for less than its worth.

Why setting the right selling price will get you the best price for your property with the least cost.

Sellers who advertise a too high price on their homes can seriously damage their prospects for a quick sale.  Being on the market too long risks the property going stale.  Don’t take that risk. Setting a realistic price will ensure attaining the asking price and also conclude the sale promptly.  You only get one opportunity to price your property correctly.

Why is it so important to set the right selling price?

1. Maximise interest in the property – Properties that are priced correctly attract more buyers and increase competition which maximises price.
2. Minimise time on the market – Properties that are priced correctly sell faster. The more time your property is on the market, the lower the results.
3. Maximise marketing-spend return – Get the right buyers through your door to increase competition and reduce selling expenses by selling quickly.

Here are some more important points when selling a house:

• Research indicates that the first offers are usually the best.  Qualified buyers have alerts which advise them when a suitable property enters the market.  They’ve done their research and are ready to buy.  Rejecting these offers often means the property sits on the market too long, going stale and is eventually discounted considerably down the track.
• Research shows that an overpriced property discourages serious buyers. The high price redirects interest to more realistically priced properties.
• Emotional attachment and pricey renovations often drive sellers to push the price up – and understandably so. However, unfortunately the state of the property market won’t always reflect personal circumstances.

An independent valuation sells your property at the right price, faster.   When you have an independent valuation from WBP:

1. You will know what your property is worth in today’s market
2. You will have confidence to make a decision knowing exactly where you stand
3. You will be able to act decisively to take advantage of a good offer
4. You have an independent expert on your side
5. You will have a powerful negotiating tool
6. You will have the information necessary to price your property correctly and sell it now
Being on the market too long risks the property going stale.  Don’t take that risk. You only get one opportunity to price your property correctly.

When selling a house WBP Property Group can help you:

1) to price your home;
2) with tips to improve the value of your property and;
3) by providing free resources to assist you during the selling process.

See our Case Studies page for actual examples of how we have helped our clients to get the most for their property.

Call us on 1300 302 581 or email to see how we can help.

A  valuation is a small investment for a big return when selling a house.



We were very happy with the service that WBP Property Group provided and were very happy with the valuation.  We have had the full value accepted by a private buyer, so it was well worth our while and money.  Thanks for your help.  I will definitely recommend you to others.–Anna Duff, Petrie

Need more information about selling a house?  At WBP Property we have just released our new book – Real Estate for Beginners
Real Estate for Beginners

Real Estate for Beginners

If you are looking to buy or sell a property or need a bank loan to purchase a property our book ‘Real Estate for Beginners – A property valuer’s inside tips for pricing, buying and adding value to property for first home buyers’ is a valuable resource.  Click the link for more information on how this beginner’s guide to property can give you the inside information you need to start a profitable property portfolio.

Ordering a valuation is the quickest and easiest way to know the property’s value before you buy or sell, but if you have the time, this book will give you the resources to start the  process yourself.

This book will show you:

  • how to find and negotiate the right property
  • how to add value to a property
  • how to get every cent from a property (and the best valuation)
  • how to get the inside tips to the bank’s requirements so you can borrow more and maximise your property portfolio

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